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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: A review of reviews on principles, strategies, outcomes and impacts of research partnerships approaches: a first step in synthesising the research partnership literature

Topic Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Scope - The aim/objective/purpose/research question of the literature review should focus (partly) on research partnership (e.g. how partnerships work; what are the outcomes or impacts)
- The paper describes a literature review on how research partnerships work (i.e. principles or strategies) OR the paper describes a literature review on outcomes or impacts of research partnerships
- The literature review included studies that described or evaluated the research partnership OR described or evaluated the collaborative research activity OR described or evaluated methods or tools to study partnerships or collaborative research activity
- The paper used/applied a research partnership approach without studying it
- The paper concluded that research partnerships are relevant/useful without studying it
- The paper describes a literature review on knowledge translation and/or knowledge mobilisation without a focus on research partnership
- The paper does not include any extractable data related to principles, strategies, outcomes or impacts
Definition - The paper meets our definition of research partnership:
 ◦ Research partnership is defined as “individuals, groups or organisations engaged in collaborative research activity involving at least one researcher (e.g., individual affiliated with an academic institution), and any stakeholder (e.g., decision or policy-maker, healthcare administrator or leader, community agency, charities, network, patients etc.)” [2, 11]
- The paper includes a definition or description of the research partnership approach
- The paper does not meet our definition of research partnership. Examples include:
 ◦ A researcher is not part of the partnership (e.g. physician–patient partnership; student–teacher partnership)
 ◦ A stakeholder is not part of the partnership (e.g. partnership between researchers from different disciplines or different countries)
- The paper focused on public–private partnerships or university–industry partnerships
- The paper does not describe or define the research partnership approach
Design and search strategy - The paper describes a literature overview of research partnerships
- The paper used a systematic search
(provided a general description of their search strategy in terms of their search terms, eligibility criteria and databases that are searched) of the literature
- The paper describes a review of a method or tool instead of a literature overview
- The paper combined the literature study with another study design (e.g. case study) without making a distinction between the results derived from the literature review and the other data source
- The paper searched only grey literature; the paper did not search electronic databases (e.g. ERIC, Medline, PsycInfo)
Language - The paper is published in English language - The paper is not published in English language
  1. Notes: Additional file 1: Appendix 1 presents our guiding framework and related key definitions of the research partnership domains (principles, strategies, outcomes, impacts)