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Table 1 Description of participants in each workshop (n = 54)

From: Co-production in local government: process, codification and capacity building of new knowledge in collective reflection spaces. Workshops findings from a UK mixed methods study

Workshops Participants roles Total
Rivertown Senior Specialist—Public Health (Children and Young People), Public Health Intelligence Specialist, and Service Manager—Early Help and Family Support, Performance Analysts, Information Managers 14
Belltown Representatives from Belltown City Council, Belltown HSC Trust, Health and Social Care Board, South EHSC Trust, Libraries NI, Belltown Health Development Unit, West Belltown Partnership Board, Northern Ireland Housing Executive 22
Castletown Representatives from Hampshire County Council and Castletown City Council, including Assistant Director, Internal Provision and Front Door, Head of Insight and Engagement, Head of Research and Intelligence, Head of Corporate Customer Service and a newly appointed embedded researcher. Academics in Public Health and Medicine from Castletown University 18
Rivertown (2nd/ follow-up workshop) Participants included: Senior Public Health Specialists, Insights Manager, Performance Analysts, Service Improvement Leads, Community Safety Specialist, Communities Officer, Policy and Communications lead, Public Health Intelligence Lead, two Directors and a voluntary organisation chief executive