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Table 1 Overview of PAT questions and categorization of data collection and analysis

From: The added value of using the HEPA PAT for physical activity policy monitoring: a four-country comparison

Position in policy cycle PAT indicator Main data source
Topic No Category I (2018 PA Focal Point survey) Category II (desk research) Category III (expert opinion poll)
Policy-making structures Government structure 1a   
Governance at subnational level 1b   
Main government ministries 1c   
Other important national organizations 1d   
Agenda-setting Health surveillance or monitoring system 20  
Influence of data on the prevalence of PA or sedentary behaviour on policy development 21a   
Influence of surveillance data on the national promotion of PA 21b   
Policy formulation Leadership for HEPA promotion at the national level 2   
Leadership for HEPA promotion at the subnational level 3  
Cross-sectoral collaboration at the national level 4   
Cross-sectoral collaboration at the subnational level 5  
Evidence-base of key policy documents 10   
Usefulness of international documents 11   
National recommendations on PA and health 17a  
National recommendations on reducing sedentary behaviour 17b  
National goals (or national targets) for population prevalence of PA 18  
Other goals and targets that directly or indirectly relate to PA 19  
Decision-making Key past policy documents and past events 6  
Current key policy documents, legislation, strategies or action plans 7
Use of a consultative process 8  
Evidence of cross-referencing and alignment within and between policies 9  
Policy implementation National documents or guidelines to support implementation of HEPA activities at the subnational level 12  
Settings included for the delivery of specific HEPA actions 13  
Populations targeted by specific HEPA actions 14  
National communication strategy (using mass media) 15   
Examples of large-scale programmes 16  
Funding at the national level 24a   
Funding at the subnational level 24b  
Political commitment 25   
Network or system that links and/or supports professionals 26   
Evaluation Health surveillance or monitoring system 20  
Evaluation of national policies or action plans 22a   
Evaluation at the subnational level 22b  
Economic evaluation of interventions or physical inactivity 23   
Areas of greatest progress in national HEPA promotion 27a   
Biggest challenges in national HEPA promotion 27b   
Suggestions for other countries 28   
Other Further details or comments 29