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Table 9 Overview of policies in the phase of evaluation, including suggestions for other countries

From: The added value of using the HEPA PAT for physical activity policy monitoring: a four-country comparison

  Germany Ireland Netherlands Poland
Evaluation of national policies or action plans Partially Partially
Suggestions for other countries • Involve relevant stakeholders in policy development
• Adopt a national action plan (cross-sectoral, evidence-based)
• Use national recommendations as an approach to activate stakeholders
• Understand your starting point well
• Have clear goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)
• Establish high level, cross-government support—outside the usual actors
• Be as creative as your resources will allow
• Measure what you trial
• Enhance governmental support on development of local policy, strategies and networks
• Tailor policy measures to target populations and settings
• Enhance cooperation across sectors
• Launch a national HEPA focal point and an organisation coordinating HEPA activities
• Develop a method for measuring HEPA for individual age groups
• Develop and implement a national programme for HEPA promotion