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Table 2 BIA design and assumptions

From: Evaluation of the feasibility and sustainability of the joint human and animal vaccination and its integration to the public health system in the Danamadji health district, Chad

  Design and assumptions
Perspective Human health care provider at local level (health district): costs borne at higher levels or related to the veterinary sector were not taken into account
Time horizon 5 years, capital costs were not annualized
Target population Children from mobile pastoralist communities in the health district < 60 months (= 1750)
Initial population Estimation based on the number of nomadic children reached during a mixed vaccination campaign in 2016 assuming that the intervention covered the total population at that time
Population growth rate 3%
Cost of the intervention Derived from project reports and accounting system of a mixed vaccination campaign implemented in Danamadji in November 2016
Current cost of interventions aimed at reaching mobile pastoralist communities for vaccination Since there is no specific intervention to reach remote populations, we assumed that no resources are currently used
Economic impact Economic consequences stemming from improved health outcomes through increased vaccination coverage among mobile pastoralists are not taken into account
Health district expenses Derived from the official accounting system 2016