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Table 3 SWOT analysis summary

From: Evaluation of the feasibility and sustainability of the joint human and animal vaccination and its integration to the public health system in the Danamadji health district, Chad

  Political stability
  Political good willingness with regard to JHAVP
  Funders adherence to the approach
  Scarcity of funds
  Natural catastrophes
  Breeders agricultures conflict
  Existence of framework
  Availability of personnel
  Coordination at all levels
SO strategies
  Establishment of inter-sectoral dialogue framework
  Holding donors meetings for mobilization of additional funding
ST strategies
  Establishment of inter-sectoral platform for collecting and analysing information needed to anticipate potential threats
  Promotion of dialogue between communities (sedentary and nomads)
  Absence of legal basis
  Insufficient funds
  Absence of additional health intervention (rabies, CBPP, etc.)
WO strategies
  Establishment of inter-ministerial entity for the implementation of JHAVP
  Advocacy for resources mobilization
WT strategies
  Establishment of a legal basis to the JHAVP
  Advocacy for resources mobilization