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Table 1 Categories and number of respondents for Phase 1 in-depth interviews

From: Unveiling and addressing implementation barriers to routine immunization in the peri-urban slums of Karachi, Pakistan: a mixed-methods study

Category of respondents Number (n)
Caregivers 122a
Community influencersb 17
Lady Health Workers 7
Senior Town Health Management or EPI officials 5
EPI vaccinators 2
Nongovernmental organization mobilizers and vaccinators 2
Total 155
  1. EPI Expanded Programme on Immunization, NGO nongovernmental organization
  2. a72 caregivers refused immunization services and 50 caregivers accepted immunization services
  3. bCommunity influencers included two key informants: spiritual healer, social workers, midwives, family physicians, a principal of an Islamic seminary school, political party representatives, community heads, elderly members of the community and union council members