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Table 5 Use and perceived changes

From: Cross-cutting lessons from the Decision-Maker Led Implementation Research initiative

Country Uptake Products Perceived changes
Chad Project implemented tailored communication strategy in campaign Tailored communication strategy Using the embedded approach in other research projects; national effort to engage nomadic communities
Ethiopia Implemented and published tool; tool being implemented in multiple districts; capacity building project on immunization; regular supervision on immunization; developing community scorecard Use of Community Health Data for Shared Accountability Guidelines Conducting similar embedded implementation research on use; using tool in health service delivery as part of routine work
Ethiopia Not described Not described Hospitals developed transferal slip
India Booklet and mobile app being released for health workers Booklet; mobile app Religious leaders engaging in immunization activities; increase in vaccination coverage
Nigeria Dialogues and implementation of joint action plans Joint action plans; participatory action research tools Increase in immunization coverage; strengthened capacity of community in participatory action research approach; continued used of participatory action research approach; participatory action research approach being applied to polio outbreak; scale-up of strategy to other areas in state; using the embedded approach in other research projects; strengthened capacity in research;  better understanding of the value of evidence-informed decision-making; decision-maker engaged in further research
Nigeria Not described Not described Not described
Nigeria Not described Not described Agreement that immunization is an essential service for potential integration with nutrition and other services
Pakistan Identified pockets of unimmunized children and started working to target caregivers with counseling and community mobilization Recommendations based on immunization barriers validated by decision-makers Appointed vaccinators to uncovered areas; coordination meeting of immunization and polio; improved microplanning and communication between health providers
Uganda Partners used to modify microplan and conducting training; Ministry of Health developed shorter, more user friendly version of the tool; contributing to the revision of the microplanning tool Not described Participating in the evaluation of the microplan process; better sharing of data to complete microplan
Uganda Not described Not described District recruited District Health Management Officer; more attention to areas of low performance and weakness
Vietnam Not described Not described Invited to be part of further research on immunizations; increased capacity for research; using the embedded approach in other research projects