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Table 1 Data logged by clinician-scientists and mechanism from the literature review prompting its inclusion

From: Enabling visibility of the clinician-scientists’ knowledge broker role: a participatory design research in the Dutch nursing-home sector

Data requested on SP-tool Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Mechanism for effective execution of the broker role from the literature review (Barry et al. [5]) that prompted inclusion
Description of nature of request or question for CS engagement Set up an on-site triage facility Determine best use of available wearable hip injury prevention airbag belts in care home How can we best prevent sarcopenia on the ABC ward? Sensitivity and responsiveness to local context
Who submitted the question/assignment?
Choose from the dropdown list:
  Other: Specify
Other: CS identified necessity this during clinical task performance and collaboration with medical team and management Occupational Therapist Dietician Strengthening network relationships between researchers, clinicians, and policymakers; involvement of clinical staff in research; strategic focus on networking activities; involvement and enablement of key stakeholders
Nature of the question
  Research question
  Practice question
  Implementation question
Implementation question Practice Question Research question Leadership opportunities in implementing research results in practice; balancing economic and scientific interests; direct involvement in key decision making
in evidence-based change projects
Type of broker activity according to Bornbaum [8] required to operationalise the question
  Knowledge management
  Capacity building
  A combination of the above
  None of the above
Capacity development A combination of the above Knowledge management Focus on translation and practical applicability of research results; catalysing the formulation and conduct of care-informed research
Alignment with strategic focus of organisation
  Not sure
Yes Yes Yes Alignment of own goals or values with organizational goals; ability to prioritize diverse work tasks across contexts