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Table 2 Areas of suggested integration of VAPAR into routine provincial health systems in Mpumalanga Province

From: Collective reflections on the first cycle of a collaborative learning platform to strengthen rural primary healthcare in Mpumalanga, South Africa

Level Function Integration
Provincial Annual performance plan Implied through collaborative district involvement, through a “bottom-up” approach
District District health plan Attend district health management team meetings, to present data and process. Participate in development of the district health plan
Subdistrict PHC management VAPAR to have a slot in the quarterly subdistrict PHC meeting to present programme to all PHC and operational managers and shared learning from Agincourt “pilot” facilities
PHC facility Operational management Skills exchange and capacity-building with operational managers. Operational managers to participate in VAPAR with a focus on analysing, planning and acting on community evidence into service organization and delivery
Community Outreach teams Skills exchange and capacity-building with CHWs. CHWs to participate in VAPAR, with a focus on the community engagement element