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Table. 1 Major CHW programmes in LMICs [18]

From: Community health workers at the dawn of a new era: 1. Introduction: tensions confronting large-scale CHW programmes

Country Number of CHWs Name of CHW cadre
Afghanistan 27,000 Community health workers
Bangladesh 20,000 Government family welfare assistants
  15,000 Government health assistants
  47,000 BRAC shasthya shebikas and shasthya kormis
Brazil 265,000 Community health agents
Ethiopia 40,000 Health extension workers
  3,000,000 Women’s Development Army volunteers
Ghana 3,000 Community health officers
  19,000 Community health volunteers
India 219,000 Auxiliary nurse midwives/multipurpose health workers
  971,000 Accredited social health activists
  1,300,000 Anganwadi workers
Indonesia 500,000 Kaders
Iran 61,000 Behvarzs and their urban equivalents, moraghebe-salamats
Kenya 2,000 Community health extension workers
  86,000 Community health volunteers
Liberia 3,800 Community health assistants and community health service supervisors
Madagascar 20,000 Agents communautaires
  20,000 Agents communautaires de nutrition
Malawi 17,000 Health surveillance assistants and senior health surveillance assistants
Mozambique 5,000 Agents polivalentes elementares
Myanmar 24,000 Auxiliary midwives
  15,000 Community health workers
  15,000 Malaria volunteers
  6,000 TB volunteers
Nepal 52,000 Female community health volunteers
Niger 2,000 Agents de santé communautaire
  5,000 Relais (volunteers)
Nigeria 43,000 Community health extension workers
  75,000 Volunteer village health workers
Pakistan 100,000 Lady health workers
Rwanda 45,000 Binômes and animatrices de santé maternelle
Sierra Leone 14,000 Community health workers and peer supervisors
South Africa 33,000 Community health workers
  70,000 NGO-supported CHWs (mostly for HIV/AIDS work)
Tanzania 12,000 Community health workers
  41,000 Volunteer community health workers
Thailand 1,000,000 Village health volunteers
Uganda 179,000 Village health team members (volunteers)
Zambia 2,000 Community health assistants
Zimbabwe 10,000 Village health workers