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Table 1 List of the participating individuals and organizations in the present study

From: Pharmaceutical subsidy policy in Iran: a qualitative stakeholder analysis

Organizational affiliation Description Number Total
Iranian Parliament (health commission) Physician (Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist) 1 2
Physician (Ophthalmologist) 1
Planning and Budget Organization Physician (PhD in health policy) 1 3
Physician (PhD in Physiology) 1
Expert 1
Ministry of Health and Medical Education Physician (Radiotherapist) 1 4
Physician (PhD in Nutrition) 1
Physician (PhD in Social Medicine) 1
Physician 1
Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare Pharmacist 1 1
Iran Food and Drug Administration Pharmacist (PhD in Pharmaceutics) 1 5
Pharmacist (PhD in Pharmaceutical Economics and Management) 3
Pharmacist (PhD in Pharmacology) 1
Pharmaceutical industry (manufacturers, importers, and distributors of medicines) Pharmacist 2 5
Chemical Engineering 1
Pharmacist (PhD in Pharmacology) 1
Pharmacist (PhD in Physiology) 1
Health insurance organizations    
Iran Health Insurance Organization Physician (Ophthalmologist 1 3
  Physician (Ph.D. in Epidemiology) 1
  Physician (Ph.D. in Health Policy) 1
Social Security Organization Pharmacist 1 3
  Physician 1
  Physician (Ph.D. in Health Economist) 1
Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation (merged with the Iran Health Insurance Organization) Physician 1 2
  Nurse 1
Armed Forces Medical Services Insurance Organization Physician 1 1
Medical universities Physician (Ph.D. in Pharmacology) 1 4
Pharmacist (Ph.D. in Pharmacology) 1
Pharmacist (Ph.D. in Health Economist) 1
Pharmacist (Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Economics and Management) 1
Transparency and Justice Watch Expert 1 1
Support associations Physician (neurologist and MS fellowship) 1 3
Pharmacist 1
Law expert 1
Cancer Research Center Physician (cancer surgeon) 1 1
Tehran Chamber of Commerce Pharmacist 1 1
Total 39