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Table 1 Principles of transboundary research partnership

From: Researching, co-creating and testing innovations in paper-based health information systems (PHISICC) to support health workers’ decision-making: protocol of a multi-country, transdisciplinary, mixed-methods research programme in three sub-Saharan countries

  Principle How PHISICC has implemented the principle Examples of results
1 Set the agenda together Formal partnership between the Swiss TPH, national research institutions and ministries of health; participation since before proposal submission Agreed protocols for each WS
2 Interact with stakeholders Stakeholder consultations through workshops and other exchanges Stakeholder analyses; incorporation of stakeholder views
3 Clarify responsibilities Establishment of generic research management structure and then adapted to each country Each WS is “governed” by specific terms of reference, which are agreed to among partners
4 Account to beneficiaries Transparent and systematic exchanges between funding agency, management and implementation Monthly calls with the BMGF; trial monitoring; reporting to directorates of involved institutions
5 Promote mutual learning Uncountable forums where issues have been discussed across the whole team, including senior and junior researchers and partners PHISICC has gradually incorporated dimensions of human resources and quality of care to the initial focus of the project on HIS
6 Enhance capacities Fluid communication about global health research and funding opportunities Collaborations with partners already extend beyond PHISICC
7 Share data and networks Transparent data management mechanisms; systematic approach to evidence production and use Project newsletter; shared databases; internal memos in critical stages of the project
8 Disseminate results PHISICC dissemination and advocacy plan produced PHISICC preliminary findings for presentation in conferences; manuscripts sent to peer-reviewed journals; discussions with partners for policy uptake
9 Pool profits and merits Active promotion of partners’ visibility in events and initiatives Copyright of PHISICC tools attributed to the project partnership
10 Apply results Policy uptake plans being produced Conversations on policy uptake already started
11 Secure outcomes Post-PHISICC plans being produced in terms of (i) further applications of HCD and public health collaborations, (ii) applying lessons learned to other subcomponents of the HIS and (iii) considerations on scaling up and sustainability No tangible results yet