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Table 2 Template of casebook characteristics

From: Development, characteristics and impact of quality improvement casebooks: a scoping review

Domain Category Options
Development Approach Interdisciplinary participants
Iterative steps
Identify strategies Search for QI initiatives or strategies:
- Indexed databases of published research
- Online
Consult experts or leaders
- Survey
- Interviews/focus groups
Gather detail Analyse the content of published studies or online reports;
Conduct surveys, interviews or focus groups with QI project representatives or other stakeholders (e.g. patients, family)
Review cases Ask QI project representatives or others for feedback to refine content and format
Characteristics Content Varies by QI topic
Level of application Individual
Scope One or more QI strategies
Format Organize cases by:
- QI topic
- QI strategies
Includes text, graphics, tools
Case Context (setting, people involved)
QI strategy details
Anecdotes, quotes or testimonials
Enablers, barriers
Solutions, tips
Delivery Print or electronic
Shared online or by email
Disseminated via educational workshop
Evaluation Fidelity Downloads, self-reported use
Satisfaction Acceptability, user experiences
Cognitive impact Knowledge
Behavioural impact Adoption of practice (self-reported, objectively measured)
Organizational impact Teamwork
Clinical impact Safety measures
Clinical outcomes