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Table 1 Key concepts from health research governance frameworks

From: Governance of health research in four eastern and southern African countries

Framework Scope Functions Core elements of health research governance
COHRED Guide to developing and managing effective health research systems [15] National health research systems and health research institutions - Governance and management Policies, priorities and management
- Conducive environment and leadership
- Ability to optimize resources and international integration
- Formalized partnership arrangements
- Ethical regulation
- Coordination
Smits and Champagne Framework on governance of health research [16] Health research funding institutions - Governance - Accountability and performance
- Strategy formulation
- Resourcing and instrumentation
- Intelligence acquisition
- Relationship management
Pang et al. Conceptual Framework for health research systems [14] National health research systems - Stewardship - Define and articulate of a vision for a NHRS
- Identify appropriate health research priorities and coordinate adherence to them
- Set and monitor ethical standards for health research and research partnerships
- Monitor and evaluate the NHRS
WHO AFRO NHRS barometer [1] National health research systems - Indicators of governance - National health policy
- National strategic health plan
- National health research policy and strategic health research plan
- Health research law
- National health research management forum
- National health research priority agenda
- Scientific review committee
- National health ethics review committee
- Hospital ethics review committees