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Table 4 Funding awarded to researchers in each country (2008–2017, in 2017 US$)

From: Governance of health research in four eastern and southern African countries

Country Wellcome Trust (United Kingdom-based) United Kingdom Medical Research Council United States National Institutes of Health European Commission
Botswana 184,186.00 7,356,998.00
Kenya 120,959,548.23 762,618.20 23,965,606.00 2,532,293.26
Uganda 17,943,085.72 40,607,133.72 35,999,665.00 17,641.05
Zambia 15,720.00 13,073,179.00
  1. Research funding institutions’ websites
  2. Figures reported in this table are in 2017 US dollars based on consumer price index adjustments to account for inflation. Cells with no data (–) represent no funding from these organizations, as we excluded funding for research projects in which the principal investigators were based at non-African institutions, even if these projects included collaborators, field sites or locations of research in Africa