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Table 2 Variations in mask and lockdown policies

From: Challenges encountered in comparing international policy responses to COVID-19 and their effects

  Mask policies and their effective dates Lockdown policies and their effective dates
Belgium 4/5/2020: mandatory face masks on public transport for everyone > 12 years [31] 18/3/2020: police-enforced general lockdown; essential errands only [16]
Brazil 22/4/20: face masks required in public in certain cities [34] 8/4/20: statewide quarantine [16]
Italy 6/4/20: masks compulsory when one goes outside (residents of Lombardy) [35] 8/3/2020: general lockdown across components of everyday life; businesses can operate if they implement safety measures [16]
United States 3/4/20: CDC recommends masks in public [32] Lockdown dates varied by state; earliest lockdowns in CA on 19/3/2020, and NY 22/on 3/2020 [39]