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Table 1 Interventional package for the CBMP programme

From: Strengthening the national health information system through a capacity-building and mentorship partnership (CBMP) programme: a health system and university partnership initiative in Ethiopia

S. no. Interventional package Strategy Frequency
1 Capacity-building Short-term basic training including data quality and information use, root cause and capstone project, computer maintenance and troubleshooting, data analysis, report writing and bulletin preparation Tailored and need-based
Short-term training for pre-service on data quality and information use Before starting the actual work
Long-term health informatics undergraduate and postgraduate training Every year
2 Mentorship and supervision Mentorship Every 2 months
Supervision Every quarter
Follow-up Every month
3 Resource mapping and mobilization HMIS tools and material mapping and distribution Need-based
4 Monitoring, evaluation and learning Stakeholder engagement workshop Biannual
Woreda-level performance meeting Every quarter
Regional-level meeting Biannual
National-level meeting Biannual
Evidence generation and research