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Table 1 Data extraction framework

From: Political economy analysis of universal health coverage and health financing reforms in low- and middle-income countries: the role of stakeholder engagement in the research process

Main category Subcategory Description/notes/hypotheses
Bibliometric data
 Author   Last name, first name
 Author affiliation   
 Year of publication   
 Year study conducted   (if available)
 Time frame under study   Years of studies included
 Country/ies of focus   
 Setting definition HIC
 Study method classification Qualitative
Document analysis
Primary vs secondary studies
 Study sample   
 Objectives/purpose   Stated objectives of the study
 Policy/reform of focus   
Data on stakeholder engagement at key stages of the research process
 Funding Who commissioned and/or funded the PEA?  
 Design Were stakeholders involved in the design of the study and definition of the research questions? If yes, who/which stakeholders? How were they involved?  
Is the study a retrospective or prospective design?  
What is the envisaged “audience” of the research?  
 Data collection Were stakeholders involved in data collection? If yes, who/which stakeholders, and how were they were involved? For example (who), were stakeholders from other sectors, or non-state stakeholders involved? For example (how), as key informants, or to provide key documentation, etc.
 Data analysis Were stakeholders involved in data analysis? If yes, who/which stakeholders, and how were they were involved? For example, brainstorming, feedback of preliminary data and/or “respondent validation” of results with key informants
 Communication/dissemination of findings How were findings shared and with whom? Hyp. is that often findings are not disseminated locally, as seen as sensitive
Did the study include policy-related recommendations for local change? Versus methodological reflections or recommendations for donors or external actors
 Monitoring and evaluation of research uptake Did the study track any uptake or impact of their work/findings?