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Table 1 The literature search strategy

From: Development and validation of a guideline on sexual and reproductive health services for polycystic ovary syndrome in Iran: a mixed-methods study protocol

Category Term
Sexual and reproductive health “Sexual health” [MeSH]
“Sexuality” [MeSH]
“Reproductive health” [MeSH]
“Reproductive health services” [MeSH]
“Fertility” [MeSH]
“Fertility preservation” [MeSH]
“Contraception” [MeSH]
“Infertility” [MeSH]
“Reproduction” [MeSH]
“Sexual health”
“Reproductive health” [All Fields]
“Sexual function”
“Sexual health services”
“Sexual dysfunction”
“Reproductive health”
“Reproductive health services”
“Fertility preservation”
PCOS “Polycystic ovary syndrome” [MeSH]
“Polycystic” [all fields]
“Ovary” [all fields]
“Polycystic ovary syndrome” [all fields]