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Table 2 Questionnaire structure and questions for women with PCOS and service providers

From: Development and validation of a guideline on sexual and reproductive health services for polycystic ovary syndrome in Iran: a mixed-methods study protocol

Themes derived from UNFPA questionnaire Questions
Women with PCOS Service providers
Safe motherhood, morbidity profile and hygiene practices What motherhood (pre-, during- and postpartum care) problems have you experienced after PCOS diagnosis? What are the needs of patients for safe motherhood?
Family planning What concerns you in family planning? What are family planning needs and priorities in women with PCOS?
Sexual history and practices How has the disease affected your sexual relations? What are the needs of patients in this field and what services do they receive?
Sexually transmitted infections Have you ever experienced a sexually transmitted infection and what did you do about it? Can PCOS affect sexually transmitted infections? How has your experience been with your patients?
HIV and AIDS Do you know about HIV and AIDS? Have you experienced this disease? Can PCOS affect HIV and Aids? If so, how?
Sexual and gender-based violence What experiences of violence do you have? Does PCOS affect violence against women, and if so, how?