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Table 1 Policy recommendations in the policy brief titled Operationalizing the Accountability Framework for Routine Immunization in Nigeria for Ebonyi State

From: Assessing the usefulness of policy brief and policy dialogue as knowledge translation tools towards contextualizing the accountability framework for routine immunization at a subnational level in Nigeria

No. Policy options and recommended strategies for implementation
1. Ensuring that the state cold store, local government area improvised cold stores and RI facilities’ cold chain equipment are adequate and fully functional
Strategy: Procurement and installation of solar panels, solar freezers and cold boxes
2. Ensuring adequate supply of vaccines bundled with auto–disable syringes and needles, and other commodities such as data tools, to all approved RI facilities statewide
Strategy: By the push method
3. Government should motivate skilled health workers, especially in the rural areas
Strategy: Through improved regular salaries and payment of rural posting allowances
4. Government should properly fund RI
Strategy: By increasing budgetary allocation and timely release of funds
5. Government should increase the number of skilled health workers
Strategy: Recruit more skilled staff
6. Timeliness and completeness in data reporting
7. Strengthening governance for RI accountability
8. Institutionalization of sanctions and rewards