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Table 6 Participants’ views on how to improve future policy brief development and policy dialogue on the same policy issue in the future

From: Assessing the usefulness of policy brief and policy dialogue as knowledge translation tools towards contextualizing the accountability framework for routine immunization at a subnational level in Nigeria

Policy brief n = 19 Freq (%) Policy dialogue n = 20 Freq (%)
1. What should be retained
Taking cognizance of the local context 5 (26.3) Participatory and interactive engagement which gave room for each participant to make useful contributions 5 (25)
Employment of systematic transparent method in the identification, selection and assessment of synthesized research evidence 4 (21.1) Fair representation of stakeholders in the various subgroups during the deliberations 4 (20)
The “merit” review process 2 (10.5) Involvement of all stakeholders 3 (15)
Description of the current situation in the featured policy issue 2 (10.5) Well-itemized problems and policy recommendations 2 (10)
Outlined implementation strategies 2 (10.5) Flexibility in dialogue which led to respect of opinions 2 (10)
Description of the policy document from where the policy brief was developed (AFRIN) 2 (10.5) Systematic and transparent method that is research evidence-based 2 (10)
Description of the issue to be addressed 1 (5.3) Frank off-the-record deliberations 2 (10)
Inclusion of references 1 (5.3)   
Policy brief n = 18   Policy dialogue n = 11  
2. What should be changed?
No changes suggested 16 (88.9) Nothing 4 (36.4)
Should be shorter with fewer pages to make it easier to read 1 (5.6) Participation by the apex policy-makers in the ministry in policy dialogues should be mandatory 3 (27.3)
More local literature should be highlighted 1 (5.6) When subgroups for discussions are created, members should not be randomly allocated 1 (9)
   Adding more details to the description of the context of the problem 1 (9)
   Participants should be informed earlier about the policy dialogue 1 (9)
   The language of discussion should be kept simple for easy understanding 1 (9)
Policy brief n = 4   Policy dialogue n = 8  
3. One important action that you personally can do better or differently to address the featured policy issue
Circulate the policy brief much earlier 1 (25.0) Collect, collate and share complete and relevant data in a timely manner 3 (37.5)
Future policy briefs should make specific recommendations 1 (25.0) Take ownership of the work one is doing, e.g. through personal commitment, to ensure that recommended strategies are implemented 2 (25)
Getting input from local researchers and consider local applicability of their results 1 (25.0) Cost-effective methods of maintaining cold chain, e.g. by harnessing community resources 2 (25)
Increase the number of political policy-makers in the “merit” review process to at least three 1 (25.0) Facilitating the “push” programme of vaccine and commodity distribution from the state straight to health facilities 1 (12.5)