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Table 3 Summary of findings

From: Integrating citizen engagement into evidence-informed health policy-making in eastern Europe and central Asia: scoping study and future research priorities

  LMICs and NDSs EE/CA
 Policy-makers Lack trust in citizenry. Dependent on political gain. Remains underfunded Increasing, but largely dependent on political gain. Can be developed through financial incentives and deliberative mechanisms
 Citizens Lack belief in impact of engagement. Requires broad remit, transparency and remuneration Generally low, due to political distrust. Increases when tangible results become apparent, such as in local policy and service provision
 Policy-makers Requires funding and broader political commitment Capacity is apparent, evidenced by existing participatory mechanisms
 Citizens Requires support and capacity-building. Best suited to moral or ethical judgements Low, but increasing across the region. Evidence of sufficient capacity if adequate support provided