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Table 1 Question guide

From: The qualitative experience of telehealth access and clinical encounters in Australian healthcare during COVID-19: implications for policy

Question Prompt
Can you please start by providing a brief overview of your current position and how the pandemic has impacted you? At what stage did you introduce telehealth?
What was needed to establish a telehealth service?
What has been your experience of telehealth during COVID-19? What types of clinical encounters have you provided through telehealth? Why? Why not?
Did you change anything about your consult?
Any other changes other than telehealth uptake?
Did telehealth work as you hoped?
What clinical interactions do you think cannot be effectively conducted through telehealth? How did you manage these during COVID-19?
Any patients postponed?
How did the telehealth consult compare to usual care? Communication?
Verification without hands-on assessment?
How did you think patients received your consult?
How did you manage patients with complex needs?
What did you learn/change over time as you provided consults over telehealth?
Any team consults?
Have you previously used telehealth? Expand?
Do you feel confident using telehealth?
What would help you?
How did you test patient retention and understanding, if at all?
Do you think you would benefit from additional training?
Did you encounter any adverse events? Please expand? How did you manage this?
What do you feel are benefits of telehealth? Expand?
Do you think there is potential and value in extending telehealth beyond the COVID-19 period? Expand?
What is needed?
Any complementary services required?
Complex care and team?
Do you have any further comments?