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Table 2 Number of interview respondents by category per country

From: Strategies to promote evidence use for health programme improvement: learning from the experiences of embedded implementation research teams in Latin America and the Caribbean

Respondent category Bolivia Colombia DR
Research team
 Decision-maker co-PI 3a 2a 2a
 Researcher co-PI None None 2a
External health system stakeholders
 Public sector (e.g. Ministry of Health/government) 7 11 5
 Otherb n/a 1 4
  1. aIndicates that at least one follow-up interview was conducted; note that in round three of data collection, it was not possible to interview the two co-investigators on the Bolivia team nor the two researchers on the DR team
  2. b“Other” includes actors in the health system that are not formally affiliated with the national Ministry of Health, such as private health insurance companies, professional associations, nongovernmental organizations; composition varied according to context