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Table 2 Typology of stakeholders

From: A mixed-methods systematic review of suicide prevention interventions involving multisectoral collaborations

Type of stakeholder Definition
Initiators Responsible for initiating or driving research proposal
Shapers Involvement is at the early stage of the research planning process, e.g. consolidating the research plan or providing support or direction
Informants Assume a consultancy or gatekeeper role informing a research study through focus groups, secondary data, interviewees, etc.
Central Assume multiple roles including shapers, informants, reviewers, etc., and have vested interest in the research, often participating in advisory groups
Reviewers Contribute to the shaping and review of outputs
Recipients Those not directly involved but have an interest in the findings
Reflectors Provide feedback on research methods or ideas for future research
In-directs Wider stakeholders who may unconsciously contribute to the research