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Table 1 STRIVE PNG’s guiding principles and behaviours

From: STRIVE PNG: using a partnership-based approach in implementation research to strengthen surveillance and health systems in Papua New Guinea

Guiding principles For example, this means…
Building common purpose along a shared journey Working in ways that help partners to build a common vision and sense of purpose (why are we doing this and why are we doing this together). This includes using project planning, delivery and reporting processes to ensure partners stay connected to the partnership, and the package of work, and can share the partnership’s successes and the challenges
Promoting mutual benefit by acknowledging vulnerability as well as strengths Partners recognize that every organization has something to give and something to receive, and it is through this two-way transfer that genuine partnership value is built
Promoting equity and voice across and within partners Using communication and facilitation approaches which promote each partner’s confidence to give their preferences and views, and shared decision-making within the project; finding ways to give voice to the people within their teams and broader organization; finding ways to explicitly recognize and value the contributions made by each partner, especially their time invested in the partnership
Promoting ownership and sustainability within PNG institutions Ensuring all work is undertaken based on health system and capacity needs articulated by Papua New Guinean partner organizations
Harnessing diversity across partners Working in ways which recognize the respective skills, strengths and attributes of partners, and which are sensitive to each partner’s individual context and circumstances (e.g. planning takes account of key events in PNG’s political, administrative and health systems’ calendars, or specific financial or human resource constraints)
Promoting transparency Demonstrating honesty, openness and frankness in communication at all levels of interaction within the partnership
Flexibility and adaptiveness Showing ingenuity, patience and, where appropriate, a sense of humour when facing challenges within the project’s operating environment. This means remembering that we don’t have to be perfect, that what is important is to move forward—being flexible and adaptive