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Table 2 List of documents reviewed in the study

From: Examining healthcare purchasing arrangements for strategic purchasing in Nigeria: a case study of the Imo state healthcare system

Number Document
1 Imo State Health Account 2018
2 Imo State Health Financing Policy & Strategy 2019 (HFP&S)
3 State Auditor General reports 2014–2017
4 State Accountant General reports
5 State Public Performance Management Report 2019
6 Imo State Strategic Health Development Plan (SSHDP) II
7 Imo State Household Survey Report 2018
8 Imo Health Insurance Agency Operational Guidelines
9 Annual budget documents 2014–2017
10 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2016–2017
11 Nigeria Demographic & Health Survey 2018
12 Save One Million Lives (SOML) Implementation Guidelines
13 National Health Act (NHA) 2014
14 National Health Policy (NHP) 2016
15 Imo State Primary Health Care Development Agency (SPHCDA)
16 Imo State Public Expenditure Financial Accountability (PEFA) Report, World Bank March–June, 2011
17 Imo state Public Financial Management and Health Financing for Universal Coverage Report 2019
18 Imo State Health Insurance Agency (IMSHIA) Act 2018