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Table 5 Workshop evaluation responses

From: Building evidence into youth health policy: a case study of the Access 3 knowledge translation forum

  Strongly agree Agree Unsure Disagree Strongly disagree No response
Overall, today’s process allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the task of translating research into NSW youth health policy possibilities 18 24 0 0 1 2
Overall, the facilitation, directions and activities of the day helped us achieve our goals 19 22 0 0 1 3
This part of the agenda [group feedback and wrap-up] was useful for understanding what other groups had talked about and being able to make final contributions 12 24 7 0 0 2
  Yes No Partly No response
Did you feel like you were able to make the contribution you wanted to in the small group? 40 0 4 1
What were the most useful parts of the agenda leading up to the small groups? (top responses)  n
 a. Research findings and young people responses 15
 b. Policy translation 9
 c. About the project 5
 d. All presentations 5
 e. Why today is really important for young people 4
What part/s of that process were least useful from your point of view? (top responses)  n
 a. Research findings and young people responses 5
 b. Policy translation 3
 c. Hearing things already sent in writing 3