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Table 7 Barriers and enablers related to adaption (COM-B analysis—opportunities, motivation)

From: Strategies to adapt and implement health system guidelines and recommendations: a scoping review

Author (year) Opportunities
Physical Social
Andrade et al. (2017) [75] Unable to implement an electronic system (enabler) None reported
Bryce et al. (2005) [58] Adapting guidelines to context (enabler) None reported
Gueye et al. (2016) [108] Programme showed flexibility over time, as it was able to mobilize a large number of staff None reported
Halpern et al. (2010) [77] A technical working group is crucial to help develop the country-specific systems, oversee implementation, and adjust or deal with unexpected changes (enabler) None reported
Leethongdee (2007) [83] Created a new catchment area which increased the budget (enabler) None reported
Rahman et al. (2020) [105] Readiness of the health system to execute the policy (enabler/barrier) Proactive leadership from national programmes, advocacy, technical and resource support from international development partners (enabler)
Stein et al. (2008) [106] None reported The spiritual adaptation/incorporation provided culturally appropriate support (enabler)
Wingfield et al. (2015) [113] None reported Strong multisectoral collaboration (enabler)
Automatic Reflective
Stein et al. (2008) [106] None reported Nurses valued counselling skills that were built as an adaptation to the guideline (enabler)
Wingfield et al. (2015) [113] None reported Lack of available evidence, and thus deciding on the transfer amounts and timing was difficult (barrier)