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Table 1 Country-/regional-level approaches to priority setting

From: Health policy and systems research in access to medicines: a prioritized agenda for low- and middle-income countries

Region Country No. informants Method used to define priority policy issues
Latin America Dominican Republic 12 Ranking during face-to-face interviews or web-based surveys
  Suriname 12
  El Salvador 12
  Colombia 12
Africa Cameroon 102 Consensus meeting validating analysis of KII
  Congo 110
  Gabon 80
  Chad 110
  Rwanda 28
  Ghana 16
South East Asia India 26 Qualitative analysis of KIIs
Western Pacific Cambodia NA* NA*
  Lao PDR 18 Ranking during face-to-face interviews
  Vietnam 21 Ranking during face-to-face interviews
Eastern Mediterranean Iran 20 Ranking meeting
  Pakistan 21 Consensus meeting validating analysis of KII
  Lebanon 29 Ranking meeting
  1. *The research team in Cambodia did not obtain authorization to conduct key informant interviews. Cambodia results are limited to desk review of published and grey literature.