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Table 2 Containment laboratory – biosafety level 3: laboratory safety survey checklist adopted from WHO biosafety manual, 3rdedition [11]

From: Feasibility of establishing a biosafety level 3 tuberculosis culture laboratory of acceptable quality standards in a resource-limited setting: an experience from Uganda

Item Achieved Frequency/description
Personal protection Yes There are two sets of gowns clearly labelled to differentiate those strictly used in containment section
Closed-front gowns worn in laboratory
Protective laboratory clothing worn only in laboratory areas Yes All section have their respective clothing readily available in areas of use
Hand-washing sink foot, elbow or automatically controlled Yes With elbow operated tapes
Hand protection Yes All areas where infectious materials are handled have sign post for use of gloves as a reminder
Double gloves worn when handling infectious material, potentially contaminated equipment and work surfaces
Respiratory protection Yes All samples are checked for leakages before accessioning and processed inside a class II biosafety cabinet
Respiratory protection worn by all personnel in the laboratory when aerosols are not safely contained in a biosafety cabinet (BSC)
Practices Yes N95 masks, gaggles, and head-dress are available and strictly used when handling chemicals and materials that can affect mucous membrane
Mucous membrane protection provided when working with infectious material outside a BSC
Personnel advised of special hazards associated with the agent(s) Yes Through biosafety manual and initial and refresher trainings. All SOPs have a safety precaution section
Personnel required to read and follow all instructions on practices and procedures, including safety or operations manual Yes This is quarterly checked through internal audits and safety audits
Personnel receive annual updates/additional training for procedural changes Yes Through in-house training facilitated by biosafety officer or external trainings; also key points are emphasized during biosafety meetings
All contaminated waste autoclaved prior to disposal Yes Using disinfectants and autoclave before disposal