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Table 2 Additional cancer items collected by Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry from registrants of cancer trials

From: Consumer input into research: the Australian Cancer Trials website

Data item Options
Cancer stage Early
  Locally recurrent or locally advanced
  Not applicable
Treatment type (s) Treatment: Hormones
  Treatment: Chemotherapy
  Treatment: Targeted therapies and biological therapies
  Treatment: Radiotherapy
  Treatment: Surgery
  Treatment: Other
  Palliative care
  Psychosocial (counselling/training/communication/education)
State (s) of recruitment The Australian state (s) where the participants are being recruited
Anticipated or actual recruitment end date The anticipated or actual date the trial will stop recruiting patients
Side effects The known and possible side effect (s) for each trial arm from most to least common
Cost to participants Similar cost as usual care
  Less cost than usual care
  More cost than usual care
Time commitments Similar time commitment as usual care
  Less time commitment than usual care
  More time commitment than usual care
Lay summary written by a medical writer Format of summary:
     • An initial sentence summarizing the trial purpose
     • A section describing the patient eligibility under the heading "Who is it for?"
     • A section entitled "Trial details" which describes the trial design, intervention(s) and comparator(s) and outcome measures of the trial