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Table 3 General question prompt list: should I consider joining a clinical trial?

From: Consumer input into research: the Australian Cancer Trials website

Question category Questions
Understanding my treatment choices 1. What is the usual (standard) treatment for my condition?
2. How do I find a suitable clinical trial?
3. Who can join?
4. How do I take part?
5. How will my confidentiality be protected?
Finding out about a trial 1. How can I learn more about the trial which interests me?
Understanding the possible benefits 1. What benefits could I get by joining a trial?
2. If I join a trial, how might others benefit?
Understanding the possible risks 1. What are the general risks of being in a trial?
2. If I get a side effect or injury because of being in the trial, will I get compensation?
The differences between going on the trial and having standard treatment 1. What are the usual costs of being in a trial and how does this differ from standard treatment?
Types of clinical trials and understanding 'randomisation' and 'blinding' 1. What types of clinical trials are there?
2. What does randomisation mean?
3. What does blinding mean?
Understanding my right to join or not to join the trial 1. Will my doctor still treat me if I decide not to go on a trial?
2. Do I have time to think about whether to go on a trial (a day or two, or a week?)
3. If I join the trial, but later change my mind, how can I stop?
4. Will I be penalised in any way?
Results of the trial 1. How will I be informed of the results of a trial?
2. How are the results measured?
  1. Underlined statements indicate hyperlinks to enable website-users to find the answers to these questions on the Australian Cancer Trials website