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Table 7 Framework for analysis of actors’ influence (communication and implementation)

From: Introduction of male circumcision for HIV prevention in Uganda: analysis of the policy process

Actor Position on male circumcision for HIV prevention Magnitude of power Main nature of power Level of commitment
MoH Supportive +++ Authority, legitimacy High
MakSPH Supportive + expertise, evidence High
UN Supportive ++ Legitimacy, structural organization, expertise, networking ability High
The President Non-supportive +++ Authority (political) legitimacy Low
NGOs Supportive +++ Networking financial High
US agencies Supportive +++ Financial expertise High
Media Neutral ++ Public communication High
Traditional leaders (circumcising areas) Supportive + Traditional authority Low
Traditional leaders (non-circumcising areas) Oppose + Traditional authority Low
Religious leaders (non-Muslims) Oppose + Charismatic authority Low
Muslim leaders Supportive + Charismatic authority Low
Public Mix ++ Numbers Low
  1. MakSPH, Makerere University School of Public Health; MoH, Ministry of Health; NGO, Non-governmental organizations; UN, United Nations; US, United States of America