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Table 1 Objectives and principles of Road Traffic Injuries Research Network

From: The Road Traffic Injuries Research Network: a decade of research capacity strengthening in low- and middle-income countries

Specific objectives
• To advocate for research to reduce the burden of road traffic injuries (RTIs) in LMICs
• To set priorities for RTI research in LMICs
• To help develop capacity for RTI research in LMICs
• To promote investments for RTI research in LMICs
• To facilitate communication between partners involved in RTI research in LMICs
• To conduct strategic research on RTIs in LMICs
• To disseminate and promote the application and utilization of research to reduce the burden of RTIs in LMICs
Basic principles of operation
• Transparency in its creation and governance
• Effective governance, accountable to its Partners
• Sensitivity to gender, language, diversity of disciplines, differential needs, and policies of related sectors, and to their implications for its mode of work
• Complementing rather than duplicating existing activities, and in particular focusing energies where an international entity has a comparative advantage
• Ensuring special attention to equity concerns and the capacity building needs of LMICs