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Table 3 Comparison of the main stakeholders in local HEPA policymaking between the three country cases

From: Unravelling networks in local public health policymaking in three European countries – a systems analysis

  The Netherlands Denmark Romania
  Authorization and accountability of the local policy • Local Authority, City council and Board of Mayor and Aldermen • Local authority, City council, Mayor and political committees • Accountability not specifically defined locally: National level strategy developed by Ministry Youth and Sport, locally embedded by County Youth and Sport department (main stakeholder in charge of implementing the national developed strategy)
Final accountability • Board of Mayor and Aldermen • Board of Mayor and Aldermen • No strict accountability
Allocation of tasks • Civil servants in sectors • Municipality services • Local organisations • Civil servants in sectors • Municipality services • Local organisations • Local organisations
Local/ County Local & County authority • City council • Board of Mayor and Aldermen • Sectors at local level • Municipality services • City council • Political committees • Mayor and Directors • Sectors at local level • Municipality services • Mayor and City Council • County Council • Sectors at county level, representative of sectors national level
Part of municipality services • Combination functions • Centres for youth and family • Schools • Day care • Health service • Social neighbourhood co-workers  
Local organizations, including private and civil society • Schools and day care • Sport clubs • Health and Care organisations • Private partners • Local councils and citizen’s platform • Local councils, such as sports, youth • Interest groups, e.g. local sports associations • Private partners • Media • Sport equipment companies • Running clubs • Cycling clubs • Paralympics sport organisation • Media • Student NGOs
Regional Regional stakeholders influencing local level • Public Health Service • Regional Sport Services • Research Centre for Prevention and Health • County Sport for All Association
National National stakeholders influencing local level • Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports • Health Inspectorate • Knowledge institutes: National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, National Institute for Physical Activity and Sportsa, National Youth on Healthy Weight Bureau • Ministry of Health • Danish Nature Agency • Healthy cities network • Local Government Denmark • Universities • Danish Health and Medicines Authorities • Ministry of Youth and Sport • Romanian Sport for all Federation • Ministry of Education • Ministry of Health • National Institute for Sport Research • National Physical Education and Sport University • Private Sector and Civil Society
  1. aSince January 2016: Knowledge Centre for sport Netherlands