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Table 1 Documents reviewed for the study

From: Responding to non-communicable diseases in Zambia: a policy analysis

Document/Report Year/Period Relevance to the study
Zambia across sector documents
Vision 2030 2006 This document serves as a guide for all the development efforts of the country; as such, the goals and targets set in the vision determines the strategic focus in all economic sectors including health
Revised Sixth National Development Plan (R-SNDP) 2013–2016 This document is the main instrument for implementation of Government programs in the medium term in Zambia
Zambia health sector-specific documents
National Health Policy 2013 This document states clear directions for the development of the Health Sector in Zambia; it sets out policy measures that are supposed to guide strategies and programs in the health sector
National Health Strategic Plan (NHSP) 2011–2016 It operationalises the national health policy in the medium term
Mid-term Review Report 2014 This document details the performance of the health sector according to the targets of the NHSP
Non-communicable disease (NCD)-specific documents
National NCD strategic plan 2013–2016 It gives the strategic direction for NCDs, in the context of the broader health sector plans