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Table 1 Overview of key informants

From: Exploring linkages between research, policy and practice in the Netherlands: perspectives on sexual and reproductive health and rights knowledge flows

Work environment Number of key informants (male/female) Job description
Academia and knowledge institutes 6 (1/5) Post-doc researcher; Professor; Senior advisor; Senior researcher/lecturer (2); Assistant Professor
Policy 6 (2/4) Ambassador; Policy advisor; Policymaker; Policy officer; Senior advisor; Trainee
Practice 9 (1/8) Advocate; Coordinator; Manager (2); Policy advisor; Programme coordinator; Programme manager; Senior programme officer; Senior researcher
Intermediary organisation 3 (0/3) Manager; Senior policy officer; Senior programme officer
Working in multiple fields 4 (1/3) Consultant; Coordinator; Sexual and reproductive health and rights expert; Senior advisor/Professor
Total 28 (5/23)