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Table 1 Glossary of the FIAT-Health

From: Improving interpretation of publically reported statistics on health and healthcare: the Figure Interpretation Assessment Tool (FIAT-Health)

Figure The reported result in numbers of the process of counting and measuring
Primary publication The medium in which the figure was first made public, for example, a report, database, website or scientific publication
Author of the primary publication The person/persons or organisation who described the figure in the primary publication
User The person or organisation who wants to understand, cite or distribute the figure
Subject The aspect of health or healthcare to which the figure refers, for example, a disease, lifestyle factor or treatment
Unit The measure in which the figure is expressed, for example, persons, Euros, days or kilometres
Population A collection of units, which can consist of people or objects
Process of counting The manner in which a quantity is determined, for example, through a registration or direct observations
Process of measuring The manner in which the presence or size of the subject is determined through predefined values, for example, the measurement of weight based on a scale or based on a survey question