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Table 4 Top 10 cited articles on RTI research (1996–2016)

From: A bibliometric analysis of the published road traffic injuries research in India, post-1990

SCR Author (year of publication) Title Journal Study design Number of citationsa
1 Kopits E (2005) [20] Traffic fatalities and economic growth Accident Analysis and Prevention Secondary data analysis 200
2 Gururaj G (2008) [21] Road traffic deaths, injuries and disabilities in India: Current scenario National Medical Journal of India Review 64
3 Ganveer GB (2005) [22] Injury pattern among non-fatal road traffic accident cases: A cross-sectional study in central India Indian Journal of Medical Sciences Cross-sectional study 51
4 Fitzharris M (2009) [23] Crash characteristics and patterns of injury among hospitalized motorized two-wheeled vehicle users in urban India BMC Public Health Cross-sectional study 43
5 Sharma BR (2001) [24] Road-traffic accidents - A demographic and topographic analysis Medicine, Science, and the Law Cross-sectional study 40
6 Tiwari G (1998) [25] Conflict analysis for prediction of fatal crash locations in mixed traffic streams Accident Analysis and Prevention Cross-sectional study 34
6 Sahdev P (1994) [26] Road traffic fatalities in Delhi: Causes, injury patterns, and incidence of preventable deaths Accident Analysis and Prevention Cross-sectional study 38
7 Bose A (2006) [27] Mortality rate and years of life lost from unintentional injury and suicide in South India Tropical Medicine and International Health Cross-sectional study 34
8 Dandona R (2004) [28] Deaths due to road traffic crashes in Hyderabad city in India: Need for strengthening surveillance National Medical Journal of India Secondary data analysis 29
9 Garg N (2006) [29] Exploring the relationship between development and road traffic injuries: A case study from India European Journal of Public Health Secondary data analysis 27
  1. aSelf-citations were excluded
  2. SCR standard competition ranking