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Table 1 The minimum metadata set (MMS) for the data analysis in this study. The selected 64 key performance indicators (KPIs) of mental healthcare are divided into three input datasets (Service Availability (AVA, labelled as ‘A’), Placement Capacity (PLA, labelled as ‘P’) and Workforce Capacity (WOF, labelled as ‘W’)) and one output dataset (Resource Utilisation (USE, labelled as ‘U’)). The KPIs in each dataset are organised based on the main type of care and the DESDE-LTC classification system [34]

From: Use of the self-organising map network (SOMNet) as a decision support system for regional mental health planning

Indicators (64) Input (12) Input (13) Input (33) Output (6)
Main type of care AVA
(No. per 100,000 IH)
clinical teams
(No. per 100,000 IH)
beds and places
(No. per 100,000 IH)
full-time equivalents
Hospital and residential care
 Acute hospital care, e.g. acute ward A1 P1 W1 (psychiatrists) U1 (discharge)a
W2 (psychologists, nurses) U2 (length of stay)b
W3 (total professionals)d U3 (re-admission)c
 Non-acute hospital care, e.g. sub-acute ward A2 P2 W4 (psychiatrists)
W5 (psychologists, nurses)
W6 (total professionals)
 Non-acute non-hospital care, e.g. non-acute crisis home A3 P3 W7 (psychiatrists)
W8 (psychologists, nurses)
W9 (total professionals)
 High intensity residential care, e.g. hostel A9 P8 W24 (psychiatrists)
W25 (nurses)
 Residential care (others), e.g. supported accommodation/group homes A10 P9 W14 (psychiatrists)
 24-h medical support hospital and residential care P13 W31 (total professionals)
 24-h medical support non-acute hospital and residential care W32 (psychiatrists)
W33 (total professionals)
 Residential care A4 P4 W10 (psychiatrists)
W11 (psychologists)
W12 (nurses)
W13 (total professionals)
Day care
 Acute health day care, e.g. day hospital A5 P5 W14 (psychiatrists)
W15 (psychologists, nurses)
W16 (total professionals)
 Work-related day care, e.g. social firm/enterprise A11 P11 W29 (total professionals)
 Non-acute health day care, e.g. day health centre A6 P6 W17 (psychologists)
W18 (total professionals)
 Day care (others), e.g. social club A7 P7 W19 (total professionals)
 Acute and non-acute health day care P10 W26 (psychologists)
W27 (nurses)
W28 (total professionals)
 Non-health day care A12 P12 W30 (total professionals)
Outpatient care
 Non-acute non-mobile outpatient care, e.g. outpatient care centre A8 W20 (psychiatrists) U4 (treated prevalence)a
W21 (psychologists) U5 (treated incidence)a
W22 (nurses) U6 (frequency)a
W23 (total professionals)  
  1. aThe measured value unit is No. per 1000 IH
  2. bThe measured value unit is No. of days
  3. cThe measured value unit is No. per 100 discharges
  4. dW3 = W1+W2+other professionals (e.g. occupational therapists, care assistants and social workers)
  5. No. number, IH inhabitants