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Fig. 2

From: Challenges to decision-making processes in the national HTA agency in Brazil: operational procedures, evidence use and recommendations

Fig. 2

Incremental cost-effectiveness ratios, in 2016 Brazilian reals (R$), for the technologies that gained a CONITEC recommendation for incorporation, 2012–2016 (n = 13). CONITEC Comissão Nacional de Incorporação de Tecnologias no Sistema Único de Saúde (National Commission for the Incorporation of Technologies into the Unified Healthcare System), CHE Centre for Health Economics (University of York), CET cost-effectiveness threshold, WHO World Health Organization, GDP gross domestic product, PET-CT positron emission tomography-computed tomography, HPV human papillomavirus. *R$ 17,106.18. R$ 27,229.00. R$ 81,687.00

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