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Table 1 Contextual information on five public and population health research funding organisations, 2017

From: Priority-setting in public health research funding organisations: an exploratory qualitative study among five high-profile funders

Category NHMRC IReSP NIHR Wellcome RWJF
Type of organisation (foundation, agency, etc.) National research funding and guidance organisation under the responsibility of the Minister for Health and the Minister for Sport Public consortium of 26 health research funders and other research stakeholders; not incorporated as its own legal entity; hosted by national medical research institute Public institute; research arm of the National Health Service Global charitable foundation National charitable foundation
Governance structure NHMRC Council
Principal Committees: Research Committee, Health Translation Advisory Committee, Health Innovation Advisory Committee, and the Australian Health Ethics Committee
Steering Committee (comité directeur)
Director and deputy director
Symbiotic governance: Aviesan (Alliance for life sciences and health) Public Health Institute has the responsibility for developing the overall public health research strategy and representing the public health research community. The same director leads both IReSP and Aviesan Public Health.
Senior Management Team of the Science, Research and Evidence Directorate at the Department of Health
NIHR Advisory Board
NIHR Strategy Board
Each research programme has a director
The NIHR PHRP has two boards – the Programme Advisory Board and Research Funding Board
Board of Governors
Executive Leadership Team
Expert Review Groups for thematic areas
Each priority area has an Advisory Committee
Board of Trustees
Executive Office
Each signature research programme is run by a National Coordinating Center and has its own Advisory Board
  1. IReSP Institut de recherche en santé publique, NHMRC National Health and Medical Research Council, NIHR National Institutes for Health Research, PHRP Public Health Research Programme, RWJF Robert Wood Johnson Foundation