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Table 2 Summary of the characteristics of the deliberative workshop

From: A deliberative dialogue as a knowledge translation strategy on road traffic injuries in Burkina Faso: a mixed-method evaluation

Key features
Appropriate meeting environment Appropriate mix of participants Appropriate use of research evidence
- Appropriate group size
- Adequate facilitation
- Transparency respected (objectives and funding)
- Participants not well prepared for the deliberations (clarify expectations and procedures beforehand)
- Lack of leadership and limited resources for following up on the workshop (research project)
- Timing: issue not yet on the political agenda at the time of the workshop
- Participants representative of the diversity of sectors involved in road safety
- Low attendance by policy-makers at the afternoon deliberations
- Participants motivated, but limited in their power to act (transmission to the hierarchy)
- Three research briefs that summarised the main results of the study
- Presentations that were clear, concise and tailored to the audience
- Presentation on the current status of the situation (e.g. legislation, comparisons with other countries)
- Recommendations proposed by the researchers and discussed collectively to structure and feed the discussions