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Table 7 Knowledge broker roles

From: Deconstructing knowledge brokering for commissioned rapid reviews: an observational study

Facilitative role Diagnostic role Interpretative role Deliberative role
• Establishing and maintaining trust and creating an open dialogue
• Facilitating understanding across social and cultural boundaries
• Eliciting disclosure of sensitive information and gaining greater specificity
• Clarifying research needs for a specific policy process
• Identifying contextual factors that may influence research use
• Refining research questions and scope to reflect purpose and context
• Moving between and aligning research and policy perspectives
• Communicating in the language and conventions of both policy and research domains
• Conveying what is meant and intended in one domain so it can be understood and enacted in the other
• Weighing up research options in terms of their contribution to a policy objective
• Surfacing inconsistencies or conflicting viewpoints for resolution
• Fostering judgements that enable action and decision-making going forward