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Table 3 Health policy priority areas identified by key Nigerian policy-makers for coverage in the Policy Information Platform

From: Fostering access to and use of contextualised knowledge to support health policy-making: lessons from the Policy Information Platform in Nigeria

Disease control and prevention Population health issues Health administration
(1) Infectious/communicable diseases
(2) Environmental health
(3) Vector control
(4) Immunisation
(5) Disease prevention among
pregnant women and children under 5 years of age
(6) Non-communicable diseases
(1) Adolescent health
(2) Reproductive health
(3) Gender issues in health and
vulnerable populations
(4) Geriatric health
(5) Community participation and ownership
(1) Human resources for health
(2) Primary healthcare systems
(3) Leadership and governance
(4) Health financing
(5) National health management systems
(6) Partnerships for health