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Table 7 ISAT: PART A domains and objectives

From: Intervention Scalability Assessment Tool: A decision support tool for health policy makers and implementers

DomainDescription of the domain
A1: The problemConsiders the problem that is being addressed. The questions in this domain seek a description of the problem, who it affects, what it affects and how it is currently being addressed (if at all)
A2: The interventionDescription of the proposed programme/intervention to address the problem
A3: Strategic/political contextStrategic/political/environmental contextual factors that are potentially important influences on any intervention to be scaled up
A4: Evidence of effectivenessLevel of evidence available to support the scale-up of the proposed intervention, such as scientific literature and/or other known evaluations of the intervention
A5: Intervention costs and benefitsConsideration of the known costs of the intervention delivery as well as any quantifiable benefits This includes the results of any types of economic evaluation studies