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Table 2 Definitions of dependent and explanatory variables

From: Analysis and exploration of infertility policies in Iran: a study protocol

Financial protection
 Insurance coverageThe amount of risk or liability that is covered for an individual or entity by way of insurance infertility services
 Government fundingMoney provided by the government to pay for infertility services
 Supply of voluntary and charitable donationsFinancial support from voluntary associations or non-governmental organs
Population coverage
 GenderGender sensitivity in the service delivery*
 AgeAvailability of services for all age
 Urban/rural coverageAvailability of infertility services in urban and rural areas
Service package
 AcceptabilityCultural, social and religious acceptance of infertility services
 Accessibility/availabilityConsidering the number of service centres in relation to the population and their distribution
 Awareness/registryHaving proper registry system
 PreventiveExistence of a preventive service, which includes check-ups, patient counselling and screenings to prevent infertility
 Diagnostic and curativeProviding all infertility diagnostic and curative services
 Rehabilitation, and supportive careExisting rehabilitative infertility care includes empowerment of the couples to manage their conditions with proper counselling and enabling them to enjoy life by appropriate rules for adoption
  1. * 1. Availability of infertility services to single women or men ,widows, and homosexual. 2. Equal treatment (e.g.,waiting time,courtesy, privacy, information given) for male and female clients